Growing up in their father’s car repair business which specialized in European and Italian exotics, two brothers from their early teens, learned what it meant to take care of the “distinguished customer”. They learned what it meant to serve customers that had a passion for fine automobiles. These customers did not buy a German car or an Italian car because they needed transportation from point A to point B; they bought these unique automobiles because how they got from point A to point B, was just as important as getting there.

As the brothers moved into management, the service business became more than just the place to service and repair German and Italian cars. The business gained notoriety for their in depth “pre-purchase inspections”, as well as performance modification that started to become popular for their ever growing customer base.

The desire to one day own and drive these fine automobiles, continued to grow as the brothers scaled the business up. The passion for that unique or rare spec variety grew as well. The brothers knew that just owning a German or Italian car wasn’t enough; it had to be one that was unique in color or configuration. This began the relentless pursuit of searching for that unicorn of a car that couldn’t be purchased without extensive searching.

The brothers then saw opportunity in the eCommerce world of Auto-Parts. In a few short years they transitioned from an extremely reputable service facility, to an eCommerce business. Once again, the eCommerce business specialized in German auto parts with a niche of unique products that the brothers developed. The new eCommerce company was growing in such rapid fashion, that after a few years, they decided to close down the service business that had been successful for nearly 50 years.

Full steam ahead in the eCommerce auto parts business was protocol for the next few years. What had started as 1-2 orders a day, had grown to the largest German eCommerce auto parts business in the world. With 200+ employees, the impressive growth was fueled by catering to customers with service and specific inventory. This was unprecedented in the world of German auto parts. Their one time set goal of becoming the world dominate German car parts business, had been reached. The brothers naturally started thinking of the next logical step.

As the brothers entertained looking at other businesses to purchase in order to increase their market share, it became apparent that the business they had developed, was unique and valuable in the marketplace. The tables quickly turned from becoming buyers to becoming sellers.  In the summer of 2014, the brothers sold majority share of the company to a PE group from the West Coast.

Day to day work was reduced in fall of 2017. The Board of Directors, of which the brothers were part of, decided to bring in a CEO so the business could prove it could maintain the same level of success as it did with the owners/founders. By 2018, the brothers had time to think toward their next automobile business venture. It was decided to open a used car business that specializes in serving the same “distinguished customers”, that drive the same unique cars, that the brothers have long loved.

Over the course of their careers, the brothers have owned over one hundred rare spec and unique automobiles. That passion to find, purchase and sell continues. We only have God and the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ, to thank for our success as we look forward to what is in store for us at Monaco Auto Collection.